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Children Living in Poverty

A disproportionate number of children in Oklahoma live in poverty. In fact households with children under six are the most likely to live in poverty in our state: this is the exact group served here at Emergency Infant Services. It is vital that our children have access to the essentials during the first critical years of life, so that they can grow into the productive citizens that our communities need.

  • Oklahoma ranks 43rd in the United States for children living in poverty- only seven states have higher percentages of their children who are classified as impoverished. Sadly, this number increased by 16% in last ten years according to the Annie E Casey Kids Count study.
  • In this same period, although the teen birth rate has declined nationally, the number of babies born to teen moms in Oklahoma actually increased.
  • Twenty nine percent of Oklahoma children have no parent who is full time employed.
  • Fifty-five percent of Oklahoma children three and under live in low income homes.
  • Families and children are defined as poor if family income is below the federal poverty threshold. The federal poverty level for a family of four with two children was $22,050 in 2010, $22,050 in 2009, and $21,200 in 2008.