What We Do



The mission of Emergency Infant Services is to meet the basic human needs of infants and children, five and under, whose families are in crisis or emergency situations.  Our priority is to assure that infants and young children do not suffer during difficult times when their parents are unable to provide infant formula, milk or food.

Formula, diapers, baby food, car seats, cribs: children five and under have very specific needs which need to be met so that they may thrive and reach their full potential. Emergency Infant Services exists to insure that no young child in our community will have to go without these basic items because his family is in a financial crisis.  Over a thousand children each month come through our doors, and leave with needs met, usually in less than an hour.   With help from the community, EIS can assist families up to four times each year, and requires no income verification or waiting periods.   Founded in 1977 on the premise that young children cannot wait to have their needs addressed,  Emergency Infant Services operates with the help of hundreds of volunteers who share this commitment.